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Join us for Sunday Service at 10:30 am

in our Sanctuary 

We’ve been here awhile -  our Church was the first protestant church in San Carlos, established at this location in 1928.  We are:

  •  A place that’s safe and welcoming  to the diverse community that is the “Peninsula”.

  • A place where progressive theology is seen and felt in our worship and in our service to the community.

  • A place to be present for those who are seeking comfort, spiritual development, and to spend time for self-reflection and renewal.

  • A place that contributes to the spiritual well-being of singles, families, neighbors and friends in our community.    


We are an open and affirming congregation valuing everyone’s race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, class, physical and mental ability. God’s love knows no bound.   


Whenever we are together, you will see:

  • Community / Togetherness.   Our “3 in 1” congregation is special and unique.   It brings together a diversity of nationalities and ethnicities under one roof.

  • Unity.   We are determined as a congregation to keep our combined Church strong and vital.

  • Long time Friendships within each church and vital Partnerships with local community organizations.

  • Caring and concern for each other, especially as expressed during prayers and in the after-service Coffee & Conversation Hour.

  • Inclusiveness, specifically in the way individuals want to worship God and in providing an environment that permits that.

  • Sharing meals to gather and socialize is extremely important to the life of our Church.

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