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Cross on the Mountain Top


Community United Church of Christ (UCC) in San Carlos

San Carlos Community Church was established in 1928 at this location as the first and only protestant Church in San Carlos.  There were 30 members from eleven different denominations.   As the city grew, different denominations left and built their own churches, but a core group stayed together as an independent church.

  • 1958: we voted to join the United Church of Christ denomination and our name was formally changed to Community United Church of Christ in San Carlos.  

  • 1972: we sponsored Bill Johnson and he was ordained in our Sanctuary.  Bill Johnson was the first openly gay pastor to be ordained in the USA by any Christian denomination.  We are incredibly proud of being instrumental in this historic event.

  • 1981: we repurposed our church building to offer a preschool and daycare facility for a reasonable fee to help the working parents of San Carlos and the surrounding communities.  The first floor of Mahany Hall was converted into a child-friendly environment now known as “The Children’s Place” (TCP).  TCP opened its doors the first week of September 1981 and was one of the first pre-schools in San Carlos.  It is designed to be an early childhood education program that operates all day, year around.   It continues to be an on-site ministry of our church.

  • 2010: we became an Open and Affirming Congregation.

  • 2016-2020: we undertook a radical redevelopment of our property, building a state-of-the-art sanctuary and community center / parsonage. 

  • 2016 to present: three Churches now worship as one congregation (Chalice Christian Church DOC, Kalavaria UCC, and Community UCC).   


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