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March 26

Welcome to Holy Week, 2024.  


This Sunday will be Easter Sunday, also known as the Feast of the Resurrection.  Worship will be at 10:30 AM as usual.


There will also be a worship service on Good Friday at Noon at the Episcopal Church of the Epiphany, just up the street at 1839 Arroyo Avenue, across from Burton Park.  Among other things, we will read the Gospel of John, recite a psalm, a variety of prayers and I will give a brief homily.  It will take about an hour.


As part of the ongoing life of a church, and in anticipation of celebrating the 100th anniversary of the church and town of San Carlos, we have been discussing our church's mission, name and by-laws.  


Taking these topics in reverse order, we are focusing our attention on updating our Church Bylaws and The Children's Place Charter.   It's been years and much has changed in our two organizations and between our two organizations since these were last updated.  And, because TCP is our church ministry, we need to ensure that critical legal language of our two documents syncs with one another.


We are hosting one Zoom meeting of Church and TCP key decision makers and interested members.  The purpose of this meeting is to lay the foundational work ahead of us before splitting into two workgroups to rewrite and update what needs to be changed.  If you wish to listen in on the meeting and participate, please contact Pamela Gibson who will send the log-in instructions.

The Zoom meeting is scheduled for April 3, 4:15 - 5:45 pm.


What is our mission and what is in a name?


The Community United Church of San Carlos (UCC), the Chalice Christian Church (DOC) and Kalavaria (UCC) have been ministering, first separately and now together, in the name of Christ to the community and city of San Carlos for as long as many of us can remember.  The earliest of our timelines began in 1928 with a gathering and incorporation of a Church with the precise name of . . . 


It's not clear.  The Church minutes for several years beginning in 1928 just refer to "the Church."  I will keep you posted when I find a page in the minutes or a legal document that clears the matter up.


What is clear:  the Church at this location is the first church to meet and be incorporated in the city of San Carlos.  As making it clear to possible new members exactly what our three-in-one church is, I often just say "the community church across the parking lot from Bianchini's."  At one of our recent council meetings, someone suggested just calling us "The First Church."


I rather like that idea.  Please give it some thought.


I will take some vacation and study leave beginning after the first Sunday after Easter, which will be April 7.   Rev. Tauoa will lead worship in my stead.  I will be back in early May, in time for worship on May 12. 

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