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Pastoral Letter, June 6, 2023

To the Saints in San Carlos:


On this June 6, 2023 we of course remember that a lot of brave men stormed ashore on the beaches of Normandy sixty years ago and give thanks.


must also share that our friend Pastor Sharon MacArthur passed away yesterday on June 5, 2023, in the presence of her husband, children, and brother-in-law Hugh. She was 81 years of age.  She was a friend, colleague and mentor to me and I am having trouble believing that she is no longer with us.



I spoke with her by telephone last week and she sounded a little weak, but very upbeat.  The photographs posted by her family showed her with plenty of company.  So I sent a card and some emails to family and let it go at that for a while, planning to call this week.  This goes to show that nothing on this earth is permanent.


Reverend Tauoa mentioned in church Sunday that someone in Utah was requesting or ordering the removal of the Bible from libraries.  I did a little research and found a good article on book bans throughout the country:



There are plenty more.  What children should read, where, and at what age is certainly no easy matter to decide and a matter that calls for prayerful guidance.  


We give thanks that Disciples Regional Minister LaTaunya Bynum visited us last month.  UCC Conference Minister Davena Jones will visit us on July 23 and has indicated that she will be happy to join us for coffee hour and a council meeting after church.  Thus we are moving our council meeting from the 3rd Sunday of July to the 4th Sunday.  So mark that on your calendars:  Come to church to welcome Davena on July 23rd.  



Last Sunday I sermonized again on the workings of the Holy Spirit, assisted by the example of Calvin; not Calvin of Geneva, 

but Calvin of the comic strip.


This series of sermons on the Holy Spirit will continue for several more Sundays.


Have a wonderful week!


- Pastor Richard Hyde

Community Church of San Carlos

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